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Words &
Content Guidelines

Tone of Voice

All content and communication from the brand should be empowering, transformative, and forward-thinking. We want to ensure our clients trust us. Our communication is geared toward high achievers that want to maximize their potential. The personal stories showcase our knowledge and past client successes.

Our content will create a feeling of expertise and that we are the premier destination for systems coaching and potential maximization.

We Will Sound:

  • Trustworthy
  • Knowledgeable
  • Visionary
  • Intuitive
  • Life-changing
  • Compassionate

And Not:

  • Academic
  • Dry
  • Sales oriented
  • Judgemental 
  • New Agey

Brand Vocabulary

  • The Perspectives Project
  • Potential Unleashed
  • The Prosperity Guide
  • The Potential Guide
  • The Potential Pulse
  • Potential Maximized
  • Potential Driven Life (play off popular Christian program Purpose Driven Life)
Video Series/Podcast/Courses
  • Understanding your Systems 
  • Healing Toxic Relationships
  • So You Wanna Talk about Your Potential
  • Charting Family Constellations
  • Potential Mining
  • The Why and What of Systems work
  • The Integral Coaching Advantage
  • The Potential Advantage
  • The DNA of belonging
  • How to Heal Old Wounds and Find Belonging
  • Stop the Mind-Bending Frustrating of Dealing with Difficult or toxic relationships 
  • Toxic relationship clean up 101
  • Understand your Genogram, Understand your future 

  • The Prosperity System
  • Potential Maximization System
  • The Perspectives System
  • The Potential Activation System

Current Naming:

  • The Other Side of Potential

Words/Phrases I Use

  • Methodologies
  • Relational dynamics
  • DNA of belonging
  • Pattern recognition
  • Integrated
  • Complex relationship issues
  • Maximizing potential
  • Authenticity
  • Openness
  • Integrity
  • Systems lens
  • Holistic
  • Healing
  • Hold up Mirrors
  • Compassion
  • Genogram
  • Non-judgemental
  • Very humanistic
  • Not the expert, creating mirrors, humility 
  • Welcoming, accessible
  • High achievers
  • Constellations
  • Integral coaching


  • Sales-driven speech
  • New Agey speech
  • Formal language


Origin Story

When our founder, Sharon Spano’s son, was born with a rare metabolic disorder, it catapulted her from her background in law into fighting for disability rights. She chaired various organizations and spent years traveling around the country speaking on advocacy while using her background as a consultant doing business strategy work and leadership development. After her son’s tragic passing in 2008, Sharon wanted to honor his legacy and her talents and enrolled in a human and organization systems Ph.D. program. Her education sparked a new passion in her for the work of human development. She went on to get certified as a family constellation and Integral coach and now works with others to help them find their place of belonging and maximize their potential. Sharon is the author of The Pursuit of Time and Money: Step into Radical Abundance and Discover the Secret to a Meaningful and Prosperous Life and the host of the weekly podcast, The Other Side of Potential.

Results Story

We’ve helped clients break from trauma cycles, end and heal a toxic relationship, and move into a place of belonging with maximized potential. The work has helped their businesses and personal lives thrive.

Movement Story

Few people understand what is holding them back, leaving them with a loss of self-confidence and unable to make decisions. We believe our ability to analyze how our clients currently operate and how they fit within those systems is the change-maker they need to find their place of belonging and maximize their potential.


Archetype Stories

Hero Archetype Stories:
  • Getting results when others can’t. Many of our clients have tried therapy and other methods but did not find results until working with us.
  • Systems Greatness: Show how hugely successful clients can be when they understand their systems.
  • Uncompromising Success: Founder Sharon Spano overcame obstacles and rewrote her career path through hard work and determination, and undertook the training to become a family constellation and Integral coach. 
Magician Archetype Stories:
  • The trouble with Therapy: Illuminate that therapy alone isn’t going to maximize potential. There has to be a clear understanding of systems and where you belong in them.
  • We can see patterns that others can’t. We can assess and see things from a strategic point of view, business, and systems lens to get our clients holistic results.
  • We are leaning into the enlightenment. Our intuition is strong and well-honed through education and practice. We will integrate this into the stories we tell, filling the emotional and spiritual needs. 

Content Themes

  • Reframe branding to be about potential
  • Business growth
  • Set apart as a top-of-mind systems expert by maximizing platform
  • Develop systems to better train staff and operate at the highest function
  • Develop a team that aligns with brand ethics
  • Streamline brand messaging
  • Work in a sustainable way 
  • Establish Sharon as a premier coach for high achievers

Humanizing Topics

  • Reinvented herself
  • Motherhood
  • The grief of losing a child
  • Sacrifices & challenges to reach goals
  • Learning new skills (golf!)
  • Advocacy work for the marginalized
  • Dreams of a world that works as a collective

Phrases I Say

  • Holding space for where people are, without it being right or wrong
  • Capacity to change
  • Be there for people without judgment
  • It’s all about potential

Style Choices


  • Exclamation marks (sparingly!)
  • Spacing between sentences (one, of course)
  • Ellipses (yes… it reads like a conversation) 
  • Contractions (yes, you’re amazing)
  • Dashes? Yes! “We all need a support system—a collection of trusted advisors.”
  • Sentence length (Short/punchy)
  • Money ($5K vs. $5,000?)= $5,000!
  • Date format: January 12, 2019
  • Emoji’s welcome (but no animals, food, drinks, or flags)
  • Capitalization/lower case: Sourcebook and Brandfluency
  • One space after periods. Just one.
  • YES to the oxford comma: we want pancakes, waffles, and bacon
  • Periods between letters of abbreviations (Yep!)
  • Pro: Hashtags in the #middle of content
  • Multiple vowels for emphasis (“I’m soooo sooooorry!”) 


  • No slang for me, thanks!
  • Abbreviations/text speak (OMG, NO!)
  • P.S.’s at the end of emails (Not my thing)
  • All caps for emphasis (NO!)
  • No profanity!

All writing should be passed through HemingwayApp to revise ‘Very Difficult’ (red) sentences. Use your discretion to edit the rest of their suggestions. Aim for a reading level of Grade 8 or lower.